Pioneers in the development
of personalized immunotherapy

Founded on the belief that immunotherapy made from a patient’s own cells will transform cancer treatment, Dendreon is fighting for patients by making the battle against cancer personal. By harnessing the power of the body’s immune system, we help extend the lives of patients battling cancer.

Our flagship product, PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T), was the first FDA-approved immunotherapy made from a patient’s own immune cells. Since its approval in 2010, nearly 30,000 men with advanced prostate cancer have been prescribed PROVENGE. Today, we continue to push our research forward so that we may help even more patients fight cancer with personalized immunotherapy.

Our Commitment

In the fight against cancer, our patients aren’t giving up, and neither are we. We aim to extend life without reducing quality of life. This commitment — to patients, families, and the physicians who treat them — drives all that we do.

Dedicated to Patients

Making the fight against cancer personal, with immunotherapy created from a patient’s own immune cells

Providing immunotherapy treatments that are clinically proven to help extend life, with a generally well tolerated safety profile

Offering services and support that improve treatment access

Supporting Clinical Practices

Partnering with physicians, nurses, and clinicians as they continue to realize the full potential of immunotherapy

Helping urologists identify patients who will get the most out of immunotherapy

Focused on the Future

Expanding access to PROVENGE for more patients, in the United States and around the world

Investigating earlier-stage treatment of prostate cancer with PROVENGE, with the goal of helping even more patients

Exploring the use of personalized immunotherapy to treat other cancer types

Our History

  • Inspired by their research at Stanford School of Medicine, Edgar Engleman and Samuel Strober establish Activated Cell Therapy.

  • Activated Cell Therapy opens its first R&D facility.

  • The Antigen Delivery Cassette is developed, which will become the basis of the Active Cellular Immunotherapy platform.

  • Activated Cell Therapy changes its name to Dendreon.

  • Dendreon moves its headquarters to Seattle, Washington.

  • Dendreon enters the NASDAQ with an IPO of $45 million to fund trials and preclinical activities for therapeutic cancer vaccines.

  • Dendreon is awarded a US patent (No. 6,210,662) for the composition of sipuleucel-T.

  • Phase III IMPACT study evaluating sipuleucel-T in men with advanced prostate cancer begins.

  • Study results eventually serve as the basis for US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

  • Dendreon completes Biologics License Application (BLA) submission to the FDA — the first BLA for an active cellular immunotherapy for cancer.

  • The FDA’s Advisory Committee votes in favor of the safety and efficacy of PROVENGE, advancing sipuleucel-T toward FDA approval.

  • Patients and advocates rally for PROVENGE after the FDA requests additional efficacy data.

  • Dendreon completes Phase III IMPACT clinical trial and reports positive topline results.

  • Dendreon receives FDA approval for sipuleucel-T (PROVENGE), the first FDA-approved immunotherapy made from a patient’s own immune cells.

  • Commercial manufacturing of PROVENGE begins in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

  • The New England Journal of Medicine publishes results of the IMPACT trial demonstrating that PROVENGE extends median overall survival for men with advanced prostate cancer by 4.1 months.

  • The FDA approves PROVENGE manufacturing sites in Seal Beach, California and Union City, Georgia.

  • More than 10,000 men prescribed PROVENGE.

  • The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends PROVENGE for first-line use in patients with M1 CRPC.

  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals acquires Dendreon for $495 million.

  • More than 20,000 men prescribed PROVENGE.

  • Dendreon delivers first profitable year since its inception.

  • Dendreon resumes operations as a standalone company following acquisition by Sanpower Group for $819.9 million.

  • Dendreon reports its most profitable year in the company’s history.

  • Over 30,000 men prescribed PROVENGE.

Corporate Governance

Our patients, their families, and the physicians who treat them are counting on us to conduct business with honesty and integrity. We value our relationship with our employees, partners, contractors, vendors, and the communities in which we operate and hold ourselves to a high ethical standard. Dendreon follows all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, and codes concerning the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Science

Our research led the way in making personalized immunotherapy a reality.

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