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The future of cellular therapy, delivered

We’re revolutionizing medicine through our leadership in cellular technology.

Improving The Lives of Patients

Through innovative science & cellular therapies

At Dendreon, we have a singular purpose: improving the lives of patients through innovative science and cellular therapies. We enable the future of complex cell therapies through research, development, and strategic partnerships. By leveraging innovative science that delivers unique therapies, our work helps change lives.

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Provenge Technology

PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T), Dendreon’s flagship innovation, was the first FDA-approved cellular immunotherapy brought to market. This groundbreaking treatment has been received by nearly 40,000 men.

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Cellular Therapy Manufacturing

Helping companies to bring life-saving innovation to market. From clinical research to manufacture, Dendreon has the experience, knowledge, and logistics to assist in the development and production of the next game-changing cellular therapy.

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Our Culture & Careers

Join our team to help make a difference in patients’ lives through cellular therapies.